This is just a quick update to clearly state to our existing and potential future users that Buckmore Park Scout Campsite is open.

We have worked hard to ensure we are Covid-19 Secure.

Things are a little different at the moment and we have a specific Covid-19 Risk Assessment in place that all Users must read and acknowledge. Our Covid 19 Risk Assessment can be found here under Customer Information

Also we expect our Users from organisations to comply with their own organisation Covid-19 rules.

At the moment we are offering camping, day and evening visits for visiting groups where they are permitted by Covid 19 guidelines and legislation .

On the activities side – We are not offering caving at the moment. We are not offering instructors for Air Rifles, Archery or Tomahawks. That said – our orienteering courses can be down-loaded before you come to site and our air rifle and archery ranges are available for hire (but you will need your own instructors). We are offering mountain biking with a guide but groups will be asked to provide their own first aider.

If you are planning ahead you will find that you can book a full range of visits for 2021 without a deposit. If you find, due to organisation rules and guidelines, you can not visit as intended you will be able to cancel without any cost to your group.

If you have any questions about what we can or can’t offer at the moment – please do get in touch by emailing