Mountain Biking

New to Buckmore Park Scout Campsite in 2018. Buckmore Park now has 10 mountain bikes available to rent. The campsite is currently setting out marked routes around the extensive campsite to cater for a wide variety of skills. The current routes are  green (wide tracks suitable for all with undulating slopes) and blue (single track with longer sloped sections) with a few red (more challenging fe…


The Buckmore Park ‘Cave System’ is a man made structure; it has been constructed for use by Children, Young People and Adults from all age groups of the Scout and Guide Associations and may also be offered as an activity to members of other organisations aged from 6 years upwards. 

It is intended for use by all members of the Scout Movement i.e. from Beavers upwards and has been buil…

Air Rifle Shooting

We have a purpose built outdoor air rifle range available all year round.  We have 4 targets available during each session.  Equipment and instructors can be arranged, however pre-booking is essential. 

Air rifle shooting sessions can accommodate a maximum of 12 participants per session.  Additional sessions can be booked. Each session will cost £40 and lasts between 1hr and 1hr 30mi…


Our archery staff are all trained to comply with POR. The range has three bosses, so groups shoot three at a time with the rest of the group waiting behind a metal rail. We have tabs & braces for everyone to wear & we have some left handed bows. Please try to spread out any left handed members of your group so that they don’t all end up in one group.

We have an outdoor archery range whi…


All 145 Acres go Buckmore Park have been mapped for orienteering and several courses of increasing difficulty have been set up to challenge beginners through to experienced orienteers. It would be very easy to earn the orienteering badge during a camp at Buckmore Park. The Maps are free to download from the main website or can be hired for a small fee along with compasses.

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