We have an outdoor archery range which is available all year round.  Equipment and instructors can be arranged, however pre-booking is essential. Our archery staff are all trained to the appropriate standard for visiting groups. The archery range distance is up to 30 metres. The range has three bosses, so groups shoot three at a time with the rest of the group waiting behind a safety line. We have tabs & braces for everyone to wear & we have some left handed bows. Please try to spread out any left handed members of your group so that they don’t all end up in one group. By April 2019 we hope to have a shelter over the shooting line and a permanent net behind the bosses.

Archery sessions last 1 hour and can accommodate a maximum of 12 participants per session.  Additional sessions can be booked. The archery range currently has no lighting facilities and therefore can operate during daylight hours only. An example parental consent form can be found in our Customer Information Pack.

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