The Buckmore Park ‘Cave System’ is a man-made structure for use by Young People and Adults from all age groups / sections of the Scout and Guide Associations and other youth organisations aged from 5 years upwards.

The system has been built in the shape of a wheel. The outer rim is nice and easy, and the spokes joining the rim to the hub are where the various ‘features ‘of the system are lurking.

Features that have been given nicknames such as ‘The S Bends’, ‘The Squeeze’, ‘The Squeeze Backwards’, ‘The Balcony’, ‘The Dead End’, ’The Plank’, ‘The keyhole’, ‘The slide’ and for the more adventurous, our water feature, ‘The Sump’!

At the centre of any wheel is the ‘hub’. The hub is a large chamber through which all users pass, several times and at various levels, in their journey through the system.

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Our caving instructors are very experienced, having spent many hours underground in the system struggling to escape and now they have managed it, they want to take you down and share their experiences with you.

So why not come along and give it a go? Cavers will enter in groups not exceeding 10 members and only one group will be in the caves at any one time. The price is £40 per session and will last about an hour.

Leaders / organisers please note

Your activity time will will start at the time booked. Please allow sufficient time for your group to meet up and a further 15 minutes to transit from the car park to the Cave system. If you wish to maximise your full time in the system, please arrive early to get kitted up!

Maximum 10 persons per session, Leaders may take part if stated numbers allow but at least one Leader / adult is required to remain on the surface to supervise anyone who may have to exit early for any reason!

All cavers will be provided with helmets and torches; but please remember to wear old clothes and to bring a change of clothes as you will get muddy and probably wet or at the very least a little damp!

All participants must have knees and elbows covered, ie be wearing long trousers and long sleeved tops. Boots or wellingtons are preferable to trainers / shoes. Clothing will get wet and dirty so a change of clothes is advisable!

Older sections undertaking the ‘sump’ will require a complete change of clothing as this feature involves either partial or complete immersion in water.

Those not in participation of a full change of clothing will not be able to undertake the Sump.