Buckmore Park now has 10 mountain bikes available to rent. The campsite is currently setting out marked routes around the extensive campsite to cater for a wide variety of skills. The current routes are  green (wide tracks suitable for all with undulating slopes) and blue (single track with longer sloped sections) with a few red (more challenging features).  The 10 bikes are two sizes covering older Cubs to Adults.

The cost of hiring the 10 bikes is £40 for 90 minutes. The time includes allocating and returning bikes.

Whilst the campsite does not offer qualified instructors (they are not needed for this activity) the campsite can provide guides to lead your group around the waymarked trails. The cost of the guide is £10 for the 90 minutes. In addition to the guide the group must provide at least one adult in the group of 10.

A map of way marked trails will be added here in the near future.

Any bookings that wish to participate in this activity without our guide will need to complete their own risk assessment. Further advice can be obtained by clicking here. This link will take you to scouts.org.uk