Buckmore Park Scout Campsite has recently moved to the Online Scout Manager Venue Booking System. The following are some simple instructions to help customers using the system for the first time.

1. Click on the booking system link on the homepage of www.buckmorepark.org.uk or  direct from this link: Buckmore Park Onsite Scout Manager Bookings
2. The link will take you to the Buckmore Park homepage on OSM.
3. From the Buckmore Park Scout campsite homepage on OSM click the green  “Book Online Today” button.
4. Login to OSM by using your existing account or creating a new account by clicking the “create account button”.
5. Once logged in you will be taken to the overview page where you can see where items (campsite, buildings and activities) that have already been booked.
6a.  If on a mobile to create a booking click the three dots in the top right hand corner of the screen and select add booking.
6b. If on a big screen  click the “add booking” button on at the top right hand corner of the screen.
7. You will now see a screen with add booking at the top. Please fill in your group name, start and end date of your proposed visit and your organisation type from the drop down list. When you have completed these details click the “Add Booking” button at the bottom of the screen.
Note for Buckmore Park you can not book within 2 days of planned arrival time. If you need to make a last minute booking you need to email bookings@buckmorepark.org.uk.
8.  You will now be in the main booking screen. The first information required is the expected number of Leaders and Young People.
9. You should now select the “items” (campsites, activities and buildings) you need for your booking. Please take time to enter start and end times. Campsites and activities have limits on number of people so make sure you book enough campsites (you can book multiple) and activities sessions.
10. When you have entered all the “items” you need please click on the green “Submit Booking” to  make a provisional booking. The campsite will then respond ASAP.
Note if no “items” are available to select then you are either within the minimum booking period for the campsite (set at 2 days) or trying to book when the campsite has already been booked for a period of exclusive use. Under these circumstances please select another date or email bookings@buckmorepark.org.uk to discuss your requirements.

If you are a leader using OSM already, you can skip 1-5 above and go to an ‘Event’ or ‘Programme’ that you have already created and add bookings in the ‘Venue Bookings’ tab for the appropriate event/evening meeting’, or access the booking calendar via Programme – Camp Directory

We hope you find the system easy to use. Please email bookings@buckmorepark.org.uk if you have any questions.