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Buckmore Park Scout Campsite

Site Rules 

Buckmore Park Scout Campsite covers some 140 acres.

As the site has had a reduced level of use over the last few years, it will take the new management some time to ensure the entire site is safe. Leaders of Groups using the site are responsible for their members. 

Groups straying outside of that area are totally responsible for their own actions and the safety of their group.


Buckmore Park is large, natural, beautiful woodland of mainly deciduous trees, the majority of which are Sweet Chestnuts. Amongst them there are some very large and not so large standard trees such as Oaks, Hornbeams, Ash and Yew trees and many others.

Climbing trees is not an organized activity at Buckmore Park and is therefore not covered by any risk assessment, should any leader allow their members to climb any tree they are held responsible for ensuring that it is carried out in an organized and safe way. Likewise there may be plants and fungi (mushrooms etc) found in the woodland whilst we are not aware of anything harmful growing there at present all persons using the Park should be aware of the dangers of eating any plants r fungi and the need to wash their hands after touching any unknown species.


Details of ALL accidents involving injury to persons or damage to property should be reported to a member of the Buckmore Park Management Team as soon as is reasonably practical. Points of contact are given at the end of this document. Each group on site must ensure they make their own arrangements for First Aid and knowledge of local Hospitals as there are no facilities on site. To minimize the risks of accidents everyone is expected to maintain a good standard of safety at all times.


In the interests of security it has been agreed that one vehicle may remain on site adjacent to your camping area should it be required to secure any valuables in.

However the Park Management accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any damage that may be caused to any vehicle by whatever means. The Park Management accepts no responsibility for towing out of any vehicle that may get stuck in mud or unstable ground.

All vehicles taken on site are done so at the owners own risk and other than mentioned above should be kept in the main car park. There is a combination padlock available to secure this car park at all times.


No pets of any description are allowed in Buckmore Park. The only dogs permitted are registered Assistance Dogs and Guide Dogs.


Please keep fires to the established areas around the outside of the sites some of which do have solid fire bases adjacent to them; do not light fires on the grassed areas or in the middle of sites.

All fires are to be fully extinguished before leaving the site.


There is plenty of fallen wood lying about, which may be picked up on site for use on fires. No trees, of any description, may be cut or felled without the express permission of Buckmore Park Management Committee.


No rubbish to be left on site. Any rubbish created must be taken away, off site by groups as they depart.


No pits of any description may be dug on site.


A water tap is located between the two toilet blocks, the controls for which are below the sink in the female leader’s toilet. There are water heaters in each of the toilet blocks, please be careful as the water may run very hot to begin with.

As running water is metered, it is requested that campers ensure that all taps are properly turned off after use.


Please be considerate of others who may be camping on the site rather than simply using its facilities and keep noise levels as low as possible, especially radios. A total noise curfew from 11pm to 7.30am would be appreciated.


Please bring your own toilet paper and cleaning equipment so that you can leave the toilets in a clean state. We have no resident warden so we are dependent on everyone leaving them as they would wish to find them.


Please do not leave your campsite or valuables unattended, Buckmore Park is not a secure site and management takes no responsibility for any property lost, damaged or stolen whilst in The Park.


If persons using Buckmore Park should hear or see any Motorcycle or Quad Bike being used within the woodland they should ring ‘101’, which is the new number for non-urgent incident reporting and notify the police. They will endeavour to get the ‘off road’ motorcycle Unit to attend. Even if they cannot get them there on the day; the incident is reported and logged, highlighting Buckmore Park as a location used by persons riding illegally and an action plan will be developed to deal with the situation, but for that to happenthe incident must be reported first - remember ring 101.


There is one Bridal Way which runs from Common Road, past the Robin Hood Public House alongside our Western Boundary down to Upper Nashenden Farm (Grid Ref 734628 to 739642). From here the path continues on North West beside the Channel Tunnel Rail

Link tracks, or it doubles back as a Public Footpath only almost due south through Buckmore Park to Common Road at Grid Ref 736625. This is the only public right of way through Buckmore Park; should anyone be encountered within The Park who has strayed off of the Bridal Way or Public Footpath they should be politely directed back to it or to the exit via our car park if that is closer.


We hope that you have a great time with us here in the Garden of England; if you do please tell everyone else. If however you encounter any problems during your visit please do get in touch and let us know; if we don’t know we can’t fix if for everyone else.

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